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Do you love your mother? I know it’s a very simple and silly question but it has a strong meaning. We know that our mothers are also our heroes. Why I can say that? Why some country in this world has a Mother’s Day? What’s the purpose of celebrating this day?

Well, Mother’s Day is a day for us to thank our mother for her kindness. In Indonesia, this day is celebrated every December 22nd. We know that our mothers are the ones who give a birth to us, take care of us when we were still a baby until now. Our mothers are great persons in this world. They usually do everything for our good. Sometimes, when we’re naughty, they’re angry at us. But, you have to know something. They’re angry because they really love us much and they don’t want us to be bad persons. If our mothers aren’t angry at us, it means that they don’t care of us anymore. So, we’re lucky if our mothers are angry at us when we make some mistakes and they still give us some advice too.

I think, we should thank her for everything. But please, don’t do this on Mother’s Day only. We have to show our thankful everyday. Not by giving a present or a gift that we give to her but from our score of a test at school, our diligence to study, or maybe we can offer some help to her. So, a title “hero” is really matched for our mothers, right? Imagine, if our mothers don’t exist, how about us? We wouldn’t exist either. So, we have to thank her every day, love her, and remember to thank God because He gives us a beautiful woman in the world.

– Felicia Kristianti (SMP Athalia kelas IX R) –

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